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Taking the day off work tomorrow so I get to stay up as late as I like tonight! Yay! I've booked myself in for a bit of a treat - a 2.5hr day spa present to me. Sooooo looking forward to it. And lunch with my mum and then dinner with my mum and sister and her husband.

I've also had bday afternoon teas at work the last two days as I took in leftovers from Saturday night which we have slowly been working through.

So I blogged the aftermath but not the actual thang. Was such a fun night on Saturday night - not a big crowd but sort of a shuffling crowd as people left, other people came. Never too many people that I felt I missed out talking to some and not too few that it got aw-kward. editormum brought her kiddies and I was mean and took ages to realise that actually sticking them in from of the TV was fair to everyone. And it also took me til very late to remember that I paid for the Disney and Nickolodean channels on Foxtel *in case* kids ever visited and we needed them to be *quiet*. I'm so not kid prepared.

The only other annoying thing was I specifically put on the table near the front door some books I had to return to fred_mouse and totally forgot!

Was a good time. It's been ages since I laughed so much on my bday and um ... got that drunk. I had quiet the sore head all the next day. But you know, is funny the way adults get caught up in the media hype. My mum is so used to the binge drinking thing on TV that when I saw her and said i have a hangover, she said... but ... you didn't drink so much you were sick did you? As though there's sober and then there's paralytic and there's nothing in between.

Sunday I caught up with ratfan to borrow her copy of Twilight which I've made a good indent in and am about to log off in order to go read. We had a really good chat though too.
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