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I've just had one of those days where you feel like you've been rushed from A to B to C to D and you have no idea what happened anywhere. I only realised at 6pm that I had forgotten to have breakfast.

The world, for me, is totally different this side of my 32nd birthday. I can't quite explain it, it just is. Or I could say IT'S GREAT TO BE ALIVE! Anyway. I'm still getting used to the change in perspective that's needed. For example: my aunt rang me this evening and asked if I would be home in 10 mins. I was at home so this was no problem. And then I sweated out the 10 mins they were coming over - were they going to come and sit me down and talk to me about something? Was I getting a stern talking to about something I've done? What had I done wrong? Until I realised, yo! It was my b'day yesterday, they are probably bringing me a present. And yes... that's exactly what it was. But what do I have? Some kinda guilty or self persecuting complex?

Which is funny. Cause I have to do this exercise for my next therapy session - I have to write a profile of myself. And I'm becoming really aware of how different my self image is to what other people see. I think. I haven't actually managed to sit down and write it yet.

And now I know y'all are rooting for the crap cover letter story, I shall have to muster the energy to slush it. And then let you know.

But I'll tell you this ... I do love a book that is so good that you start to view life as an obstacle standing in between you and the reading of it. Sigh. Life is good. Did I mention that?
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