girlie jones (girliejones) wrote,
girlie jones

on racism

Just read a really interesting post about Obama's most recent speech on racism at Colleen Mondor's blog.

I always find it fascinating how some people can be so dismissive of how other people feel or what their experiences have been, simply because they have not seen or felt or experienced it.

It's just like the guy at work I was blogging about who seriously sat with my team, the rest of whom are woman ranging in ages and backgrounds and experience, and honestly said that he didn't think feminism or women's support groups had any relevance any more. Inequality just simply was no longer an issue. I pointed out that as a white male, he needs to view his own comments within that context. I further went on to say that if you haven't experienced what he is talking about, how can he comment, and then I went on to point out how offensive his prior anti-semitic comment to me was. He again reiterated that he really had no prejudice and that it wasn't meant that way and I replied that if he had no prejudice, he wouldn't have made the comment (about large noses) in the first place.

So in reference to the young white Republican that Colleen talks about, seriously, if race were no longer an issue, why is Barack Obama only the first man to run for the American President and why are we discussing whether or not racism is an issue? If it were not one, it would simply not come up.
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