girlie jones (girliejones) wrote,
girlie jones

Other thank yous!

Soooooooo many that I know I am still going to forget everyone.

Thank you to Alex who hosted the best room parties EVA and for letting me have girliecon there. And to everyone who attended Alex's room parties and, on the whole, behaved. I think she'll let us have parties in her room again.

Thank you to Kathryn who is always there and is one of those people who jumps in and fixes things when they go wrong, makes things work when they don't and never ever asks but always knows exactly what is most needed when.

Thank you to all my friends who bolster me when I am down and who give me a shoulder to cry on or a hug when I most need one. Thank you to those people who made food appear during the weekend when I probably hadn't eaten for 6 hours and who put drinks in my hand. Tehani and Alex and Dirk and Lucy thank you all very much for that. And I *know* I owe people money - please let me know and I will sort it out ASAP.

Thank you to Tehani's Mum and to Davina who were the power behind all our room party catering. And thank you to Kathryn and Liz and Russ and my Mum who helped with the 2012/Workers Paradise catering. That would never have worked if just one of you had not pitched in. Thank you also to those who helped set up - Cat, Kathryn, Dirk, Kate, Alex and others. And to Tehani who hosted the party like it was her book and slips in and mothers so well that you don't even notice you've been cared for and sorted out. And thanks also to everyone who came to the launch. Without you we would have been lonely in a dingy carpark with a lot of booze and some books.

Thank you to Claire McKenna who gave me my very own copy of Liminal. OMG squee! I am *such* a fangirl.

Thank you to Ian and Mitch and Rob and they know why.

Thanks to the Last Short Story crew - Ben, Tansy and Alex and Jonathan who oddly make reading a ridiculously large number of stories in a ludicrously short amount of time a tonne of fun!

Thanks to the Snapshot team - Kathryn, Ben, Tansy, Alex, Kaaron and Rosie. And to Ben Peek who's original idea it was in the first place. That was an extreme period of time and we pulled it off! And thanks to everyone who let us interview you.

Thanks to the ASif! team - Ben and Geneva who helped me mop up the mess that was left post World Fantasy Con to get the project back on track and made it fun again. Thanks to the best review team I could ever hope to have. Who always optimistic and have fun and make the project a joy. And thanks to everyone who sends us material and reads the site.

Thank you to Tansy who stayed up very late and compiled random and excited text messages into the ASif! News headlines for the award winners. And thank you to Tansy for always being on the end of an email or text or skype session and for sending me things to cheer me up when I most need them. T, you have to come to a Swancon some time - you'd love it.

And thanks finally to Ben who shone a light when things got dark. And still shines a light when things are darker still. And who makes the whole thing worthwhile.

Thank you to those I have forgotten, I know I have and I apologise for doing so.
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