girlie jones (girliejones) wrote,
girlie jones

Olympics - Fair warning!

There's only one thing I get more excited about than Ditmar nominations ballots and that's breaking world records! Yes, I am an olympics nut! For two weeks every four years, I care more about sports than life itself. If it's in the games, I love it, I can commentate it and I can quote you scores and times from the last 4 games. You might not want to be round me then!

And of course right now we have the Swimming trials going on. And OMG how awesome and awful was the men's 50m free last night?! I'm pretty sure Eamon Sullivan did the same undergrad at the same place as me which is my only claim to his fame. But still! OMG to qualify for the team is awesome. To cheer for him as he was so close to chasing down the red line was fun. To see his face as he hit the wall, turned to check the clock and discovered he had missed the world record time by 0.02 seconds was heartbreaking. He looked like he had lost and maybe he would have preferred that he did. 0.02 of a second between elation and defeat. That's swimming for you.

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