girlie jones (girliejones) wrote,
girlie jones

Sir Julius Vogel Awards

I haven't yet blogged about how proud I am that Lucy Sussex's story "Mist and Murder" from New Ceres Issue 2 tied with "Fendraaken" by Kevin G. Maclean (ASIM 30) for Best Short Story in the Sir Julius Vogel Awards in NZ at the Easter weekend. Lucy's story picks up the characters La Duchesse and Pepin that Tansy Rayner Roberts created in Issue 1. Lucy makes them her own and runs with them in a very cool little murder mystery. But she never ever veers from the characters that Tansy set up. And that makes it very very cool and fun to read.

The New Ceres website is currently down due to technical issues. It should be fixed soon and along with that, I think I have a New Ceresian announcement to follow.

Congratulations also to Paul Haines whose collection Doorways for the Dispossessed won Best Anthology.

And also special congratulations to Ross Temple who won Best Fan Writing for his livejournal: I love your blog Ross and your service to the NZ sf community.
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