girlie jones (girliejones) wrote,
girlie jones

Sex is not a business transaction

I am outraged:

A FEMALE politician today confirmed she was serious that women should sign a contract before sex to combat false rape allegations if proposed laws are passed.,23599,23476720-421,00.html

Here's the thing about sex and rape - even if I am consenting when I leave a bar to come have sex with you, I can still change my mind and have the right to not continue. Even if we are in the act of sex of which I am consenting, I have the right to change my mind and not continue. Even if I am your wife, I have the right to say no. At *any* point at which I am no longer consenting, if you continue, that is rape.

A person can suddenly change their mind for a bunch of reasons and they should be allowed to exercise that human right to say what happens to their own body at any and all points in time.

I say when, I say who and I say how.

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