girlie jones (girliejones) wrote,
girlie jones

Video Killed the

editormum and I were on the radio tonight chatting about Swancon and Ditmars and ASif! and Shiny. And I got to choose the track! (Thanks lilysea - I took Regina Spektor in! and it's "Better" )

You can stream it here: and we're about half way in.

Was fun to play radio peeps for a while. And on playback, my voice is not horrible, as I feared it might be.

Afterwards we ducked into Planet and visited robinpen who laughed at my postCon Blues and then sold us lots of happy graphic novels. Well, I bought one and editormum bought lots. A nice bright bit in my day.

Work is piling on at work - which is *good* cause they will need to keep me on, maybe. But .. loooooooooooooots of reading. And pilates was *hard* today. I bet I can't walk tomorrow.

I'm taking deborahb to bed with me now - she's gonna be my bedtime reading for a while!
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