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I'm not sure whether it's gluten or lactose that is causing my symptoms. I've mostly be abstaining from gluten and am noticing the effects of lactose - say like I had gluten-free cereal yesterday with normal milk versus gluten-free cereal this morning with lactose-free milk. Was going excellently well today until I had some cheese and then a yoghurt at lunch. I have been drinking a lot of coffee at work and eating a lot of yoghurt. Perhaps it's not a gluten but rather a lactose issue? I have a feeling that yoghurt should be lactose-free *if* it genuinely contains live probiotics.


Last night I sort of unpacked my Swancon bags (yeah, I know) and took my Swancon reading stash, well probably not even half of it, to my bedtime reading piles. I took home more books than I brought, or so it seemed. Anyway, the books that I added to the piles were: Borderlands 9 and 10, The Locus Awards and Tiny Deaths. But I also brought in my copy of Ghostworld which I picked up the other week at Planet Books (it's nothing like the movie). I still have a ton of review book copies I scored from Ticonderoga Online, some trashy stuff that lyzbeth lent me, Magic Dirt. And I hope that's it.

I read about 40 shorts yesterday, maybe more. And then I tried to go to bed earlish to get some fun reading done or ... some review reading, at least. But not surprisingly, not much focus of concentration.

I'm actually sleeping a lot at the moment - well, after Swancon it took me about a week till I had time to catch up on my sleep which meant that if I went to bed at 10ish, I really did need the 8 or 9 hours sleep and didn't move at all. But the last couple of nights, I've felt tired in the morning so tried to go to bed early (ie for 8 or 9 hours sleep) and then have tossed and turned or woken up in the middle of the night. I don't actually normally need that much sleep. So it's good cause it means I've caught up but I do feel tired at the end of the day. I guess in theory I *could* get out of bed an hour earlier but that just seems weird.
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