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Twelfth Planet Press

A few people have emailed me or asked what's happening with respect to TPP so I thought I'd just post this to say that it's pretty much business as usual out my way. I am intending to meet all the commitments and project deadlines as previously advertised. And am currently working on the website that will house all that information in one consolidated place.

I have been lucky enough to have a fantastic subeditor find me and climb on board at ASif! (I think she'd prefer to stay in the background? She can say who she is if she wants) But now pretty much we are almost on track all the time with respect to publishing reviews in any case. She has now picked up some of the Managing Editor work for me too which is also a huge help. It makes a big difference when working on a project this size to *feel* like you are on top of it (whether you are or not).

Shiny is still going ahead with Issues 4 through 6 this year. Tehani Wessely has come on board as co-editor with me and we have been slushing and buying stories. Issue 4 should have been out by now but has been delayed because we don't have enough stories to fill it. So if you were thinking of submitting something, you should. And you should do it now! And I'm really excited to announce that Rachel Holkner has come on board to continue the Buffy Retrospective on the Shiny blog. We're going to mix up the format a bit and she has already written her commentaries on episodes 2.01 and 2.02. So that'd be me holding up the progress on that. Rachel has written a summary for season 1 as well which should get posted later this week.

New Ceres is going to be seeing some changes this year. I'm not quite ready to announce what's happening with it but stay tuned.

The Novella Series is still going ahead and I've had a few submissions to the call out. I should say that it is an ongoing series with the intention of releasing one or two a year. The closing date for the current reading period is July 25 for consideration of the volume that I would like to launch at Conflux later this year. That's the tentative plan and relies on a bunch of things including having a novella to print, it being ready to go ahead by then and me getting to Conflux (not sure on my finances precisely at this point in time).

I'm working on the Biancotti Collection mostly at the moment. We are intending for it to be launched at Natcon next year in Adelaide.

In addition to these, I have a few other projects in the pipeline and they mostly depend on budget at the moment.

But yeah ... it's all here with the cogs and wheels turning.

And later this year I will be at Wastelands II: The Age of Iron as Local Guest of Honour. I must say I am quite looking forward to this con.

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