girlie jones (girliejones) wrote,
girlie jones

Subtle sexism

There's lots of things I think that unless it's happening to you, you don't realise that there is still inequality between the sexes.

Today I went uniform shopping. Lots and lots of great office wear choices and all sorts of different style shirts and skirts and whatever. Then we have the field work pants thang to sort out. It seems I have been cursed (?) with a female body and actually look better in the female pants of a certain well known uniform type pants manufacturer. Same thing happened when I got my Sea Rescue pants. Not sure whether to be insulted or not.

In any case, field clothes were fairly easily sorted.

Then I had to get a pair of steel-capped boots. Okay. They can help with this and off we go to the back wall. The back wall is covered in boots - so I ask can I choose from any of these? She says this column here are female - so like 5 pairs of different boots out of maybe 40. And there was really only one actual pair of boots although all the shoes were steel capped. Oookay. So I go to try them on and I ask for a pair of socks: Oh, she says, we don't have any female pairs. And points to like a size 11 pair of male socks.

Cause what? Women can be decked out in field gear but don't actually go out anywhere that would need serious boots? And? The size of the boots I had to order? 4.

Way to feel not quite catered for.
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