girlie jones (girliejones) wrote,
girlie jones

The Four Man Plan

So it seems I've been doing this wrong. Apparently the best way to find your mate is to date four men at once. At reading this, I exclaimed my surprise and my friend here at work confirmed she was dating 2 other men when she met her now-fiance.

Last time I did the massive datathon - which was always one man at a time - I only dated Jewish men. My view on this *may* have changed with time. So I might be vaguely open to random suggestions. I know that my IRL friends about the place have been racking their brains for people I should meet but if you think of someone ... I'm not closed to the idea of getting back out there now.

On my commute home yesterday, I was thinking about what my "type" was or what I was looking for. And obviously, whatever my "type" might have been - might not have been working so well for me. So I should change that. I'm open to meeting people, I guess. Height and size and hair and eye colour are not actually on my list. Being kind and generous and having a good sense of humour and liking books and being politically aware and enjoying being outside and with family and friends and being a feminist, are more on my list. I dunno. How do you define "the click" till it happens? But ... I thought I'd put it out there, in any case.

Unrelatedly, I found myself answering one of those surveys on the phone last night. I feel sorry for people who need to collect data (my dad told me once he was the same - having done psych as his minor in his first degree - and said after a while, you get over it). In any case it was a health survey and I was kinda amused the way she was entering my information - fuck I sounded pathetic - oh, you're alone, never been married, live alone, weigh X, watch 30 hours a week of TV/Internet ... blah blah blah. My favourite bit was the answering major things that have happened in the last year - moved home, broke up a long term relationship, started a new job, death of a family member - she says "any others?" and I was like "Is this not *enough*?". And so .. even though, yeah I live alone and I am single and all that crap happened to me and I see a counsellor - I fucking rock for being able to answer the "in the last month" questions without an ounce of depression or anxiety for any of them.

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