girlie jones (girliejones) wrote,
girlie jones

I'm supposed to be being productive this weekend

But I'm having difficulty. I did get the laundry done and on the line yesterday which is good because the weather has turned and it looks like rain today.

My house is somewhat tidier but still has a way to go.

I have done a few TPP things but not nearly as much as I have on my virtual todo list. I *finally* registered for the ABN, which means I can move forward with many important 2012 things. I created a Facebook group for TPP which is a start of the new plan. I've read some short stories.

lyzbeth and punkrocker1991 came round for dinner last night - well, they brought dinner and cooked it. I sorta flitted around and provided *some* entertainment. We ended up on and um, perused that. It turns out you have to read profiles like you read real estate ads and um, I think *everyone* is in the army. We had some laughs - especially at deciding that reading was a prerequisite for someone for me (which I spose it is and next time I shall enforce that rule) and that reading the newspaper is not quite what we mean. I have created a profile cause we found a few possibilities. And ... well ... I *am* a difficult one I spose. Especially since most people on there that we looked at didn't seem to read. We think lyzbeth had the most fun but I liked that she kept considering the sort of person who would best fit into our 3 there to make 4. That's nice - to not feel like I am alone in this. Cause darn that was ultimately a really depressing way to spend some time (flicking through all these people who don't read).

I planted the rest of my bulbs today. I had thought I needed to go to Bunnings for pots and whatnot but actually I had enough for the tulips and the one pack of daffodils. So they are all in. And I have sighted 3 daffodil bulbs that have produced a wee bit of green something. So that's exciting!!! Now I have to decide if my current stash is enough or if I want to expand into pink daffodils this year or next. Still undecided.

The other thing I wanted to do this weekend is cook up a storm and freeze meals. Um ... haven't looked at books or recipes or anything. I guess I should break that task down into smaller parts.
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