girlie jones (girliejones) wrote,
girlie jones

Science Fiction

Is the show "Heroes" considered science fiction?

I ask because I consider it to be so and it's set in the current day which of course bends the hold we have on our reality and asks us to suspend our disbelief. I don't have any problems with that ... I don't *need* my science fiction to come true or to conform to exactly the rules of now and what can be possible tomorrow. And I often get that as a criticism in SF that I publish - that there's no way that story could be possible thus it's not SF which I guess amuses me that those kind of readers what their science fiction to be science, nonfiction.

I like my science fiction to take an idea and say what if and then jump off from there. I like the plots and background to be thoughtful, and science-based. I like them to them to make me think .. and I guess to dream.
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