girlie jones (girliejones) wrote,
girlie jones

Kinda drowning

My life took some amphetamines whilst I was sleeping on Sunday night - I went from this quiet and restful Sunday to pretty much the most manic week I think I have had this year (including the week before Swancon and Swancon). I know that my two weeks away end of June/beginning July will rival this so perhaps I should take this as training?

This week ... I have had so much work on at work that I don't have time to check gmail and blog and all the other things ... I haven't even had time for lunch most days. Pretty much every hour today I got thrown an extra project to work on with ever decreasing deadlines. I have learned how to drive defensively (and discovered I drive too fast) and am now working on a whole heap of bad habits. I had the talk with the boss. I am dealing with the very biggest of life's big questions - who am I and what do I want from life? I've had 31 kisses from guys at - I've looked at so many profiles that they all look alike to me now. Only one guy has emailed me but I have been too busy to give it the time and headspace the reply needs. I've done a book deal with Rob - we always knew we were doing something this year and probably we secretly always knew it was going to be this collection. It just took us till April 30 to admit it out loud. The first story we have down for the ToC is great. I have a bunch of others waiting for headspace and relaxing time to sit down and enjoy them. I've also been reading for the Biancotti Collection and am starting to get a clear idea of its metanarrative.

What else? Sooooo much more, I am sure. I am so stressed out and so busy that I don't have time for anything. My inbox is overflowing and I owe so many people emails, and edited things and contributions to things. I am SO sorry. Tomorrow has at least one (but really 3) deadlines by 5pm. And then my weekend is jampacked till lunchtime Sunday. I will have to schedule downtime or else I know I am going to burn out. And next week is already getting filled up.

Might have to revisit the "not saying no to anything unless I am already booked" plan. It's exhausting!

love and miss you all!

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