girlie jones (girliejones) wrote,
girlie jones

must remember

A really quick way to ease some stress about feeling overwhelmed is to clean up one's immediate space - did the dishes and my laundry last night before going to bed and that helped. I also baked a batch of muffins late last night which will likely keep me going for the weekend. [Was eating one this morning at work for breakfast and they were teasing me that I was baking at 9.30 pm and they were all in bed. But those kind of hours aren't weird with you lot are they? With the ex I wouldn't do stuff like that at that hour and that must be one reason why I felt less productive.]

Just now, I sorted a ton of ASif! new review books, paid some bills, filed away a ton of paper that was floating around on the couch and coffee table. Now my TV room is clear of things to do and other distracting things that make me feel depressed. Wrapped the present for Sunday, have the clothes washed and ready for all the things tomorrow. And I feel just a little bit on top of things.

S'long as I don't look too closely at my inbox!
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