girlie jones (girliejones) wrote,
girlie jones

Um... actually?

I think that's the precise definition of a beast:

Fritzl described himself as a man who valued decency and good manners, and said the emphasis on discipline in Nazi times, when he grew up, might have influenced him.

"Nonetheless, I am not the beast the media depicts me as.

"When I went into the bunker, I brought flowers for my daughter, and books and toys for the children, and I watched adventure videos with them while Elisabeth was cooking our favourite dish," he said.

"And then we all sat around the table and ate together."

Love it ... firstly, noone has *ever* allowed the "blaming it on the Nazis" as an excuse. Secondly - check out the typical thought processes of an abuser: yeah, I locked her in a bunker for 24 years but hey, I brought flowers so that makes it okay. Romantic even. [1]

Fucker. I hope he rots in hell.

[1] I do like the bit where he sat and watched TV with the kids whilst she had to cook. So fucked up in his head - I brought flowers down to the bunker and made my daughter cook us dinner whilst I played with our children! Nevermind that she must have been terrified out of her mind.
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