girlie jones (girliejones) wrote,
girlie jones

Mixed Media

Am amusing myself - I just hung a quilt in pinks, white and navy and of dresses on stands in between a Shaun Tan and a contemporary Aboriginal painting in my living room. I'm amused mostly because the ex-sister-in-law would have commented not only on the mix of media but also of styles. I suspect "design-wise" you aren't supposed to mix art up like that. But ... I love the mix and with each glance up from my laptop, to a different part of my room, I get dazzled by something completely else. It's fun.

(lyzbeth - I finally figured out how to hang it!)
So, at Swancon, lyzbeth and I got a bit silly at the art auction but we have walked off with joint custody of said, gorgeous quilt. I currently am timesharing it! I'm glad we bought it - it's lovely. :-)

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