girlie jones (girliejones) wrote,
girlie jones

Happy Mother's Day!

So ... after working on it all weekend, I have a final Master To Do List. It's not 25 pages long, so that's good. It came in at a workable 12 pages! Now I just have to get a week list from this and it'll all be good.

This morning we took my Mum out for brunch which is our traditional Mother's Day thing. There was some kind of crazy coffee mix up where lactose-free coffees kept arriving (we brought lactose free milk with us). My sister and I each ordered a caramel flat white and we each got a caramel latte and a flat white as a result. We drank em both but and I felt bad that they didn't charge us for em (I would have had two in the end in any case).
My B-I-L: How many sugars do you normally have in your coffee?
Me: 3
Him: Wow. Just like your sister!
Me: Huh
Him: How many coffees do you have in a day?
Me: Only 2 these days
Me: No. I can only have sugar in my first cup of coffee for the day. All the rest have to be without.
Him: Why don't you just have 1.5 spoons in each cup then?
Me: That would so take away the point.

Am off to my sister's in a bit for what I am sure will be a delicious spread for afternoon tea. My Mum, my Nana, my Aunt from Melb, my sister's Mother in law and sister in law and all the assorted rellies thereof.

Last night kathrynlinge had us (lyzbeth and punkrocker1991 and I) over for dinner. The four of us kinda had a New Years resolution to have some foodie nights and we've had a few. The food was fantastic last night - we went for a light entree (delicious dips) and mains (veggie stack and salad) so we could have 3 dessert courses. We didn't make it to the hot chocolate round but it was all amazingly good. Sooooooo much sugar I ended up having to get up and do the dishes to expend some - the others felt the same and joined me!

NEEDLESS to say, that company is always unhealthy for my to do list. And why yes, there is another crazy project about to start. After the crazy of yesterday, I KNOW it's bad. And yet ... in the pursuit of art!
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