girlie jones (girliejones) wrote,
girlie jones

People crack me up

It seems that I grasp obvious concepts about 17 years ahead of the average person. When I was 15, I awakened to my passion and raison d'etre - conservation and protection of the environment. One of the things that seemed utterly ridiculous was the absolute waste we generate for no real purpose. Like, I used to buy video tapes (to record Buffy mostly) and you'd buy packs of 3 wrapped in plastic. But when you unwrapped the pack, each video was wrapped in plastic individually. Why? What was the purpose? Seemed a ridiculous waste considering that plastic would take centuries to degrade in the landfill to where I was banishing it.

These days, you see News items like the one I just saw of a local council (somewhere in Australia, was the national news) where some guy is hooking up the bikes in his gym to collect the energy burned by people working out to generate the electricity to power the gym. Then it switches to the local pool which is collecting rainwater for their swimming pools and the local politician interviewed said: the main reason we are doing it is for the environment, but there is a bottom line benefit.

*boggles mind*

Like, um, when you stop wasting things, you don't have to pay for them in the first place and yeah, there is this resource that we haven't been using.

It's like my Dad who says to me the other day: banks try to sell you the idea of switching to electronic bank statements cause it's good for the environment but it saves them money. And I was like ... well yeah, but it's *both*.

See it turns out, if you realise you don't have to *waste* money in the first place creating useless waste, it's both good for the environment when you stop AND good for your bottom line cause you cut some fat.

I think I have a problem getting my head round the idea that people think the environment is unrelated to everything else. Like you can do something *for* the environment and then suddenly discover being "green" has all these other (economic/health/social) benefits. And then they explain them back to *me* as though I didn't know this and only chose this philosophy *for* the environment and not just cause it MAKES GOOD SENSE!

We are so wasteful. It's only a matter of time till people figure out, if you don't waste stuff you save money (space/resources/society).
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