girlie jones (girliejones) wrote,
girlie jones

World Gone MAD!

I've been unsure about the kerfuffle with Hensen's art show being cancelled and him being up for charges of photographing young children. Mostly because I haven't seen the art work. But ... like, there's lots of disturbing art work out there that gets shown - benpayne remember that art exhibit we saw in Melbourne with that little girl looking at the artist coquettishly and showing one shoulder? That piece was painted, what in the 1800s?

So ... yeah .. unsure.

But this? This is FERFUCKSAKE GET OVER YOURSELVES! The world does not need to be wrapped in cotton wool:

NAPPY television commercials featuring semi-naked babies have been criticised after claims they encourage pedophiles.

A parliamentary inquiry is examining whether it is appropriate to have unclothed babies in commercials after it was revealed they are the subject of regular complaints to the Advertising Standards Bureau (ASB).,23599,23750501-2,00.html

FERFUCKSAKE! You know where this is going right? Ooh ... women should cover their heads so that rapists don't get tempted. Oh and cover your ankles, knees, shoulders ... what they heck. Let's be safe and sure, cover your whole body in a sack.

What would be really great is if regulators and police and policy makers got the FUCK on with solving actual problems in the world - children who are abused by their parents, starvation in Africa, helping survivors in Burma, climate change, prevention of violence, cancer. You know .. actual things that are holding society back.
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