girlie jones (girliejones) wrote,
girlie jones

We live inside the Matrix

I have long forgotten this news item and the hysteria around it, although I remember having the intricacies of why this was a hoax explained to me a long time ago. What is concerning is the lack of coverage of the fact that this was a hoax, how this hoax was created and the footage was used to fuel an already out of control fire. My guess is the media don't want consumers to think too hard about the material put in front of them - might make us question a whole bunch of stuff. Might make them have to work harder at gathering the information themselves or fact checking what they pinch and run. It might even make us question why the daily news looks the way it does.

Me, I'm a skeptic. I have long since realised almost everything is a reality TV show and I pretty much don't believe anything unless I can double confirm the report. I read a nice array of news feeds every day -, BBC, CNN, Haaretz and Al Qaeda. I figure somewhere in the middle of all of these, the truth must surely lie.

THE death of 12-year-old Palestinian boy Mohammed al-Durra by “gunfire from the direction of the Israeli” forces, as reported by French TV reporter Charles Enderlin, was huge world news eight years ago.

But it now seems that what we saw was not what actually happened. The dramatic footage of the youngster crouched beside his father as “Israeli” bullets whizzed by him, the scenes of his death and his father’s wounding were ghastly but compelling viewing.,23599,23776421-2,00.html
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