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Short Story Reading in 2008 (II)

Just a carry on from the last record sheet (lj can only safely hold 900 entries at a time)

Previous List of Stories 1 to 900

  1. Brian Haycock Spell on You Reflections Edge February
  2. Julie Shapiro Avenue and Pleasure Reflections Edge February
  3. Rochita Loenen-Ruiz Rituals of Grief Reflections Edge February
  4. S. Foster Viscosity Breakdown Reflections Edge March
  5. Cedrick Mendoza-Tolentino Teddy Reflections Edge March
  6. Bobbie Metevier Styrofoam and Other Hazards Reflections Edge March
  7. Aaron A. Polson Homecoming Reflections Edge March
  8. Jeanna Tendean The Rosebush Reflections Edge March
  9. Ed Robertson All Man's Children Reflections Edge April
  10. Michael John Grist Flatland Reflections Edge April
  11. Claude Lalumiere Sexes and the City Reflections Edge April
  12. Bob Black Hild the Waelcyrie Reflections Edge April
  13. Bosley Gravel Dragon's Food Reflections Edge April
  14. Eric Vogt Observe Reflections Edge April
  15. Patricia Russo Dear, Dear Scheherezade's Bequest March
  16. Rebecca W. Day Diamonds Scheherezade's Bequest March
  17. Greer Woodward The Sorrows of Elaine Scheherezade's Bequest March
  18. Sarah A. Hoyt The Power of Magic Something Magic This Way Comes
  19. Irene Radford More to Truth Than Proof Something Magic This Way Comes
  20. Esther M. Friesner In the Dark Wood, Dreaming Something
  21. Magic This Way Comes
  22. Harry Turtledove The Thing in the Woods Something Magic This Way Comes
  23. Abigail Godsell Making Waves Something Wicked 6
  24. Inga Papp Eyes Something Wicked 6
  25. Brett Venter And Arial: Overload Something Wicked 6
  26. Robert Collins Making Scenes Sorcerous Signals
  27. Sandra Panicucci Growing Up Dragon Sorcerous Signals
  28. Laura J. Underwood Renalto Sorcerous Signals
  29. Brian Dolton Three Out of Four Sorcerous Signals
  30. Ursula Warnecke The Oath Sorcerous Signals
  31. Joanne Hall The Company of Women Sorcerous Signals
  32. Alexis Glynn Latner Grass Lion Sorcerous Signals
  33. Marva Dasef The Cursed Valley Sorcerous Signals
  34. Lindsey Duncan Apartment Tour Sorcerous Signals
  35. Mark Fewell Bernice and the Talking Oak Tree Sorcerous Signals
  36. J.R. Tomlin Assassin's Mark Sorcerous Signals
  37. Jack Mulcahy Journey Into Darkness Sorcerous Signals
  38. C.A. Casey The Last Hero of Wodling Sorcerous Signals
  39. Frank Roger Cryobarbeque Southern Fried Weirdness Online January
  40. Philip Edward Kaldon Giant Cicadas and Other Indignities Southern Fried Weirdness Online January
  41. D.M. Drake Three Rams of the Beckwith Southern Fried Weirdness Online January
  42. Wayne Summers Lonely Man Bridge Southern Fried Weirdness Online February
  43. Walter Giersbach Face in the Tree Southern Fried Weirdness Online February
  44. Shawn Huegnol Queen Chicory and Her Magical Feasts Southern Fried Weirdness Online February
  45. Rupert Merkin Lilies Southern Fried Weirdness Online March
  46. Michael Fontana Millipede Southern Fried Weirdness Online March
  47. Robert Collins Frontier Justice Space Westerns January
  48. Camille Alexa The Clone Wrangler's Bride Space Westerns January
  49. Donald Uitvlugt Command Performance Space Westerns January
  50. Filamena Young Mars Ain't No Place For Ladies Space Westerns January
  51. Shauna Roberts A Llama's Tale Space Westerns January
  52. Robert Collins Captain Ayers and the Waconda “War” Space Westerns
  53. Max Gladstone Octopus Tanks Space Westerns
  54. Erin Hartshorn Rise of Kensha Spacesuits & Sixguns #4
  55. Isabel Kunkle Higher Education Spacesuits & Sixguns #4
  56. Len Bains Potential Spacesuits & Sixguns #4
  57. James Bloomer A Letter of Complaint Spacesuits & Sixguns #4
  58. Mark Howard First Words Sputnik 57
  59. Kate Smith When Stars Fall Sputnik 57
  60. J.J. Irwin Still Living Strange Horizons January
  61. Bill Kte'pi The End of Tin Strange Horizons January
  62. Deborah Coates How to Hide Your Heart Strange Horizons January
  63. Sarah Thomas Ki Do Strange Horizons March
  64. Helen Keeble In Ashes Strange Horizons April
  65. Chris Szego Valiant on the Wing Strange Horizons April
  66. Adam Francis Smith Zombie Town Tales of the Zombie War
  67. Brandon Lavng Life Sentence Tales of the Zombie War
  68. Clitoris Rex Pete Tales of the Zombie War
  69. Aurelio Rico Lopez III Riding Out the Storm Tales of the Zombie War
  70. Melinda McCamant Clamming Up Vestal Review
  71. Katherine Lien Chariott Red Light District Vestal Review
  72. Myron Ernst Harry's Evening at Lake McBride Vestal Review
  73. Gary Cadwallader It Is What it Is Vestal Review
  74. Robert Olen Butler Intercourse Vestal Review
  75. David M. Valin Not Saying Yes Vestal Review
  76. Molly McCaffrey Look Away Vestal Review
  77. Willliam Reese Hamilton Negrito's Last Ride Vestal Review
  78. Kristine Kathryn Rusch Domestic Magic Witch High
  79. Laura Resnick Temporal Management Witch High
  80. Phaedra M. Weldon Boil and Bubble Witch High
  81. David Ireland The March Wind Aeon #14
  82. Ryan Neil Myers The Diesel Mnemonic Aeon #14
  83. Sarah L. Edwards Wild Among Hares Aeon #14
  84. Lavie Tidhar Hard Rain at the Fortean Cafe Aeon #14
  85. Mikal Trimm The Diadem Aeon #14
  86. Christopher Lockhart Light of Day Alienskin
  87. J.E. Gurley PSI Knight Alienskin
  88. Selena Thomason Moon Ransom Alienskin
  89. Don Finch The Necropolis Incident Alienskin
  90. David De Beer To the Victor, the Apple Alienskin
  91. Gloria Weber A Wordless Melody Alienskin
  92. Christine Lajoie Golden Balance Alienskin
  93. Kaolin Fire From Your Mother's Sleep Alienskin
  94. Quinn Hernandez Normalcy Alienskin
  95. Simon Petrie Alnilam's Planet Alienskin
  96. Justin McFarr Burn Alienskin
  97. Frank Dutkiewicz Changing of the Seasons Alienskin
  98. Chris Reed Defense Mechanisms Alienskin
  99. Matthew Daley Dinner for Two Alienskin
  100. Michael A. Kechula Golden Goddess Alienskin
  101. Todd Austin Hunt The Introduction to Phisto Realkind Alienskin
  102. S. Michael Downs Oversight Alienskin
  103. Ardyth DeBruyn Rude Awakening Alienskin
  104. R.J. Astruc Words in White Alienskin
  105. Joseph D. DiLella The Wrong Room Alienskin
  106. David J. Rank Brothers in Arms Alienskin
  107. Caw Miller The Cyclic Universe Alienskin
  108. Lee Gimenez The Day They Won Alienskin
  109. Robert Mitchell The Donor Alienskin
  110. Rebecca Nazar Recipe for a New World Order Alienskin
  111. David J. Rank The Run of Your Lives Alienskin
  112. Resha Caner Things to Do with Your Time Machine #42 Alienskin
  113. Aldo Jadrnicek Three Bedrooms, Two Baths Alienskin
  114. Michael A. Kechula A Vital Question Alienskin
  115. Ben Bova Waterbot Analog June
  116. Craig DeLancey Demand Ecology Analog June
  117. Susan Forest Back Analog June
  118. Richard K. Lyon Finalizing History Analog June
  119. Bud Sparhawk The Late Sam Boone Analog June
  120. Jason Fischer A Bride Beyond the Gate Antipodean SF #121
  121. Steve Cartwright Ghost-Hunter Antipodean SF #121
  122. P.S. Cottier Prickly Green Antipodean SF #121
  123. Jan Napier Gobstoppers Antipodean SF #121
  124. Shaun A. Saunders To Lift a Finger Antipodean SF #121
  125. Shei Tanner Mr Woe Antipodean SF #121
  126. David G. Jenkins The Chairman's Descent Antipodean SF #121
  127. Sean Monaghan The Way Things Fall Antipodean SF #121
  128. Simon Petrie Tsiligup Antipodean SF #121
  129. Chris Broadribb The Wardrobe Picklers Antipodean SF #121
  130. David Such Clone Antipodean SF #121
  131. David McVeigh The Long Pockets of Deep Space Antipodean SF #121
  132. David Kernot Fon-etics Antipodean SF #121
  133. Lucy Cohen Schmeidler Batting an Eye Antipodean SF #122
  134. Laura Goodin I'm Too Loud Antipodean SF #122
  135. David Such The Long Green Goodbye Antipodean SF #122
  136. Stephen L. Thompson Distant Fields Antipodean SF #122
  137. Shaun A. Saunders The Ultimate Weapon Antipodean SF #122
  138. Mark Smith-Briggs Peer Pressure Antipodean SF #122
  139. Felicity Dowker Windows to the Soul Antipodean SF #122
  140. Shaune Lafferty Webb The Genocidal Villain of Mars Antipodean SF #122
  141. Emma Goninon I Know Antipodean SF #122
  142. Nicole R. Murphy Fate of Rulers Antipodean SF #122
  143. S.A. Harris Dinner Party Conversation Antipodean SF #122
  144. Mark McAuliffe Choice Antipodean SF #122
  145. David Kernot Critical Mass Antipodean SF #122
  146. R.J. Astruc The Flying Woman ASIM #34
  147. Nigel Stones Drinking from the Saucer ASIM #34
  148. M.P. Ericson Blood Debt ASIM #34
  149. Wade Albert White The Assassin's Gentleman ASIM #34
  150. Lyn Battersby This is Not a Love Song ASIM #34
  151. Ellie Tupper The Witchmaiden and the Dragon: A Riff ASIM #34
  152. Shana Lear Murphy's Law ASIM #34
  153. Tessa Kum Bitter Elsie Mae ASIM #34
  154. Matthew Johnson Lagos Asimovs August
  155. Robert Reed Old Man Waiting Asimovs August
  156. J Chris Rock Lucy Asimovs August
  157. Ian Creasy Cut Loose the Bonds of Flesh and Bone Asimovs September
  158. Robert R Chase Soldier of the Singularity Asimovs September
  159. Mary Rosenblum Horse Racing Asimovs September
  160. Steve Utley Slug Hell Asimovs September
  161. Derek Zumsteg Usurpers Asimovs September
  162. Mary Robinette Kowal Clockwork Chickadee Clarkesworld #21
  163. Paul Jessup The Secret in the House of Smiles Clarkesworld #21
  164. Margarat Ronald When the Gentlemen Go By Clarkesworld #22
  165. Sergey Gerasimov The Glory of the World Clarkesworld #22
  166. Jennifer Loring Balalaika Coyote Wild June
  167. David McGillveray Sea Green Eyes Coyote Wild June
  168. Bruce Golden The Birthday Gift Coyote Wild June
  169. Maria E Schneider Toil, Trouble and Rot Coyote Wild June
  170. Catherine Cheek Melder's Drink Coyote Wild June
  171. Hazel Dean Acid Rain Rocks Desolate Places
  172. Stephen Graham King Nor Winter's Cold Desolate Places
  173. Gustavo Bondoni Tenth Orbit Desolate Places
  174. Lyn McConchi A Wilderness of Sand Desolate Places
  175. Z.S. Adani Tomb Desolate Places
  176. Tom Barlow Honeymoon at the Pearly Gate Desolate Places
  177. F.V. "Ed" Edwards A Dream? Desolate Places
  178. Jean-Michel Calvez The Days After Desolate Places
  179. Sara Genge Pretty Little Thing Apex Online May
  180. Andrew C Porter In The Seams Apex Online June
  181. Nick Mamatas Summon, Bind, Banish Apex Online July
  182. Katherine Sparrow These Days Apex Online July
  183. Michael West To Know How To See Apex Online July
  184. Leah O'Hearn Ariadne and the Vine Dog versus Sandwich May
  185. Mari Ness Glass Dancing Dog versus Sandwich June
  186. Aaron Bensen Finding the Prince of Hearts Dog versus Sandwich June
  187. Sarah Totton Jim-Bob Fleasy, Professional Escort Dog versus Sandwich June
  188. Patricia Russo Happy Facing Dog versus Sandwich June
  189. Ken Goldman Roadkill Down in the Cellar
  190. Magnus Varnae Old Souls Down in the Cellar
  191. Eric S Brown The Return Down in the Cellar
  192. Marshall Payne Selling Timeshares on Planet Hell Down in the Cellar
  193. Sam W Anderson What I Know Down in the Cellar
  194. Malon Edwards Built for the Kill Down in the Cellar
  195. Steve Goble The Blood of Thousands Down in the Cellar
  196. Saul Lemorond The Hammer Falls Down in the Cellar
  197. Caroline Hooton The Delivery Boy Dred June
  198. Krishan Coupland Three Quarters Full Dred June
  199. Richard Cain The Wreck Dred June
  200. Walter Jarvis Seated Demon Dred June
  201. Mark McAuliffe Prodigal Son Eclecticism 5
  202. Peter Lingard Penmanship Eclecticism 5
  203. Lawrence Salani A Fragment of Yesterday Eclecticism 5
  204. Erin M Kinch Alpha Electric Spec June
  205. K Bird Lincoln Her Own Skin Electric Spec June
  206. Gere McClellan The Other Magic Electric Spec June
  207. Margaret/Harry R Yang/Campion Riding Fourth Electric Spec June
  208. Gerri Leen Grinding to a Halt Electric Spec June
  209. Matthew Howe All Kinds of Monsters Electric Spec June
  210. Elissa Malcohn Hermit Crabs Electric Velocipede #14
  211. Erzebet Yellowboy Waiting at the Window Electric Velocipede #14
  212. Michelle Scott Them Electric Velocipede #14
  213. Tracie McBride The Last Tiger Electric Velocipede #14
  214. D.E. Wadsen The Artificial Sunlight of Memory Electric Velocipede #14
  215. Sandra McDonald Recipe for Survival Electric Velocipede #14
  216. Jennifer Pelland Sashenka Redux Electric Velocipede #14
  217. Leslie Claire Walker Your Blood Electric Velocipede #14
  218. Sara Saab No Bubble Wrap for Little Guys Electric Velocipede #14
  219. Sharon E. Woods Bull Electric Velocipede #14
  220. Leslie What #1 Electric Velocipede #14
  221. Lisa Mantchev Perfect Tense Electric Velocipede #14
  222. Melissa Mead Stepsister Electric Velocipede #14
  223. J Kathleen Cheney Masks of War Fantasy July
  224. Steven Profkes Another Perfect Day Fantasy and Science Fiction August
  225. Rand B. Lee Bounty Fantasy and Science Fiction August
  226. Scott Dalrymple An Open Letter to Earth Fantasy and Science Fiction August
  227. Kage Baker I Begyn As I Mean to Go On Fast Ships, Black Sails
  228. Howard Waldrop Avast, Abaft! Fast Ships, Black Sails
  229. Kelly Barnhill Elegy for Gabrielle Fast Ships, Black Sails
  230. Justin Howe Skillet and Sabre Fast Ships, Black Sails
  231. Carrie Vaughn The Nymph's Child Fast Ships, Black Sails
  232. Conrad Williams 68... Fast Ships, Black Sails
  233. Michael Moorcock Ironface Fast Ships, Black Sails
  234. Katherine Sparrow Pirate Solutions Fast Ships, Black Sails
  235. Brendan Connell We Sleep on a Thousand Waves Fast Ships, Black Sails
  236. Steve Aylett Voyage of the Iguana Fast Ships, Black Sails
  237. Dave, Eric Freer, Flint Pirates of the Suara Sea Fast Ships, Black Sails
  238. Sheila Crosby The Dodo Dragon Escape Velocity #3
  239. Dean Grondo Automatic Response Escape Velocity #3
  240. Kevin Gordon Oveio Escape Velocity #3
  241. Michael Penncavage The Phone Call Escape Velocity #3
  242. Branden Johnson The Rising Cost of Insurance Escape Velocity #3
  243. Barbara Krasnoff Signs of Life Escape Velocity #3
  244. Michael Anderson New Tenants Escape Velocity #3
  245. Ben Cheetham One Long Holiday Escape Velocity #3
  246. Shaun A. Saunders Curtain Call Escape Velocity #3
  247. Lawrence Dagstine Before Measured Time Escape Velocity #3
  248. Delyth Angharad Jurassic Escape Velocity #3
  249. David Brin The Smartest Mob... Jim Baen's Universe February
  250. Eric James Stone Premature Emergence Jim Baen's Universe February
  251. E. Catherine Tobler Waking Ophelia Jim Baen's Universe February
  252. Bill Glover Necrotic Tissue Necrotic Tissue #1
  253. M.A. Koreblium Frank Necrotic Tissue #1
  254. Brenton Haerr Three Day Drive Necrotic Tissue #1
  255. Nathaniel Lambert The Champ-een Necrotic Tissue #1
  256. James Stafford The Lizard Pit Necrotic Tissue #1
  257. Guy Anthony De Marco Home Necrotic Tissue #1
  258. Kelly Dunn Doctor's Orders Necrotic Tissue #1
  259. Joe Murphy Body Language Necrotic Tissue #1
  260. Brian Dolton Call Centre Necrotic Tissue #1
  261. Richard Hartman Dead Uncle Jake Necrotic Tissue #1
  262. Daniel I Russell The Blood Pit Necrotic Tissue #1
  263. Liz Williams Spiderhorse Realms of Fantasy
  264. Kage Baker Running the Snake Sideways in Crime
  265. John Meaney Via Vortex Sideways in Crime
  266. Stephen Baxter Fate and Fire-Lance Sideways in Crime
  267. Paul Park The Blood of Peter Francisco Sideways in Crime
  268. Jack McDevitt The Adventures of the Southsea Trunk Sideways in Crime
  269. Kristine Kathryn Rusch G-Men Sideways in Crime
  270. Mary Rosenblum Sacrifice Sideways in Crime
  271. Paul Di Filippo Murder in Geektopia Sideways in Crime
  272. Joh Courtenay Grimwood Chicago Sideways in Crime
  273. Theodore Judson The Sultan's Emissary Sideways in Crime
  274. Pat Cadigan Worlds of Possibilities Sideways in Crime
  275. S.M. Stirling A Murder in Eddsford Sideways in Crime
  276. Mike & Eric Resnick & Flint Conspiracies: A Very Condensed 937 Page Novel Sideways in Crime
  277. Tobias S. Buckell The People's Machine Sideways in Crime
  278. Chris Roberson Death on the Crosstime Express Sideways in Crime
  279. James F. Reilly Sole Survivor Horror Garage
  280. Kenneth A Goldman A Comforting Thought Horror Garage
  281. Jordan Castillo Price Luck Horror Garage
  282. Paul Di Filippo iCity Solaris Book of New Science Fiction 2
  283. Kay Kenyon The Space Crawl Blues Solaris Book of New Science Fiction 2
  284. Chris Roberson The Line of Dichotomy Solaris Book of New Science Fiction 2
  285. Robert Reed Fifty Dinosaurs Solaris Book of New Science Fiction 2
  286. Alexandra Wolfe Twist of Fate Sputnik 57
  287. Bren MacDibble Delicacy Sputnik 57
  288. Bren MacDibble Carousel Seven Sputnik 57
  289. Mark J. Howard Conscript Sputnik 57
  290. Mark J. Howard Words for Megan Sputnik 57
  291. Beverly Karalus In the Wink of an Eye Sputnik 57
  292. Kate Smith Learning to Fly Sputnik 57
  293. Kate Smith Dear Diary Sputnik 57
  294. Kate Smith In Bloom Sputnik 57
  295. Joe Christensen Lycanthropes Anonymous Tales from the Moonlit Path
  296. Thomas Foley Wedge of the English Donkey Tales from the Moonlit Path
  297. Michael John Grist Gutterman Tales from the Moonlit Path
  298. Matt Shaner Roadside Assistance Tales from the Moonlit Path
  299. Wayne Summers Serpent's Daughter Tales from the Moonlit Path
  300. LaShawn M Wanak Crimson Tales from the Moonlit Path
  301. Richard Parks Our Lady of 49 Ursae Majori Third Order
  302. LaShawn M. Wanak Daughters of Sarah Third Order
  303. John P. Loonam Alone with the Dalai Lama Third Order
  304. Eric Vogt Satiation Third Order
  305. Sally Clark Zitidos Third Order
  306. Rod M. Santos The Curse of the Friendly Forest The Town Drunk
  307. Matthew Bey Gimpbomb Enters Room The Town Drunk
  308. Tim W. Burke Lampreyhead Meets the Vampire Slaughterers The Town Drunk
  309. Jason E. Thummel The Importance of Portents The Town Drunk
  310. Pamela Luzier Chemistry 101 Witch High
  311. Christina F. York A Perfect Ten Witch High
  312. Jody Lynn Nye Another Learning Experience Witch High
  313. Sarah Zettel A Family Thing Witch High
  314. Debra Dixon Coyote Run Witch High
  315. Esther M. Friesner You Got Served Witch High
  316. Bill McCay Remedial Magic Witch High
  317. Pauline J. Alama Homecoming Crone Witch High
  318. Karen Fox Late Bloomer Witch High
  319. Sarah A. Hoyt The Price of Gold Witch High
  320. Diane Duane The House Witch High
  321. Joanne Steinwachs The Number of Angels in Hell Abyss & Apex #27
  322. Marissa K. Lingen Vainamoinen and the Singing Flesh Abyss & Apex #27
  323. Nye Joell Hardy Praxitales Abyss & Apex #27
  324. Bond Elam A Plethora of Truth Analog July
  325. Aimee Smith A Drowning ASIM #36
  326. Cathy Bryant Purgatory (sic) ASIM #36
  327. Maggie Dela Rocca The Robber King and the Blood Orange Tree ASIM #36
  328. Leith Tattoo Love the Tattoo ASIM #37
  329. Adam Bales Map ASIM #37

  330. Eilis O'Neal The Unicorn in the Tower ASIM #37
  331. Paul Haines Failed Experiments from the Frontier: The Pumpkin ASIM #37
  332. Alexander Glass The Pit Black Static #3
  333. Will McIntosh The Fantasy Jumper Black Static #3
  334. Leslie Claire Walker Outcast Chizine
  335. Nadia Bulkin Intertropical Convergence Zone Chizine
  336. Richard Larson Good Night Chizine
  337. Amber D Sistla A Place to Call Home Cosmos #20
  338. Christopher Green Lakeside Dreaming Again
  339. Lucy Sussex Robots and Zombies, Inc Dreaming Again
  340. David Beers A Gift Fear and Trembling
  341. Resha Caner The Fire in the Equations Fear and Trembling
  342. Charlie Bondhus Discretely Packaged The Harrow
  343. David Drazul Tile The Harrow
  344. Mark Allan Gunnells Transformations The Harrow
  345. Scott P Baro Bob's Journal The Harrow
  346. Tina Conolly On the Eyeball Floor Strange Horizons
  347. Benjamin Crowell Running Strange Horizons
  348. Gwynne Garfinkle In Lieu of Thank You Strange Horizons
  349. Ted Prodromou My Greedy Plea for Help Strange Horizons
  350. Ramsey Shehadeh Jimmy's Roadside Cafe Strange Horizons
  351. Ann Leckie Marsh Gods Strange Horizons
  352. Constance Cooper Called Out to Snow Crease Farm Strange Horizons
  353. Alaya Dawn Johnson Down the Well Strange Horizons
  354. J. Kenneth Sargeant The Emerald King Strange Horizons
  355. Sarah Kanning Sex with Ghosts Strange Horizons
  356. Richard Butner The Secret Identity Strange Horizons
  357. Samantha Henderson The Ballad of Delphinium Blue Sybil's Garage #5
  358. Alex Dally MacFarlane Tattoos of the Sky, Tattoos of the Days Sybil's Garage #5
  359. Marcia Aldrich Missing Vestal Review
  360. Ladisa Quintanella My Pacific Vestal Review
  361. Ana Marcela Fuentes An Ugly Man Vestal Review
  362. Lawrence Dagstine Departure Flight Whispering Spirits #18
  363. Wayne Summers Returning Whispering Spirits #18
  364. Aaron A Poulson The Ox Cart Man Whispering Spririts #19
  365. Joshua Scribner Unrest Whispering Spririts #19
  366. Valerie Estelle Frankel The Horns of Elfland Whispering Spririts #19
  367. Ahmed A Khan The Presonic Man Whispering Spririts #19
  368. Joshua Scribner It Came With the House Whispering Spririts #19
  369. Mari Mitchell My Love is Like ... Whispering Spririts #19
  370. Lyn C A Gardner Silver As the Night Whispering Spririts #19
  371. Randall A Martin Bridge of No Return Whispering Spririts #19
  372. Christopher Golden The Hiss of Escaping Air The Hiss of Escaping Air
  373. Jennifer Linnaea Pseudo Tokyo Interzone #214
  374. Christopher Priest The Trace of Him Interzone #214
  375. Jennifer Harwood-Smith The Faces of My Friends Interzone #214
  376. Mercurio D. Rivera The Scent of Their Arrival Interzone #214
  377. David Gerold Spiderweb Jim Baen's Universe February
  378. John Lamshead The Temple of Thorns Jim Baen's Universe February
  379. Alma Alexander Hourglass Jim Baen's Universe February
  380. Mike Resnick Sluggo Jim Baen's Universe February
  381. Holly Messinger End of the Line Jim Baen's Universe February
  382. Tobias S. Buckell Manumission Jim Baen's Universe April
  383. Jody Lynn Nye Virtually, A Cat Jim Baen's Universe April
  384. Jack McDevitt Indomitable Jim Baen's Universe April
  385. Storm Constantine Owl Speak Myth-Understandings
  386. Pat Cadigan Found in the Translation Myth-Understandings
  387. Alex Cohen The Rising ASIM #33
  388. Jeff Parish Dreadneck ASIM #33
  389. Larry Ferrill I Buried Elvis ASIM #33
  390. Loic Henry Celadon Green ASIM #33
  391. Regina Patton The Derby ASIM #33
  392. Richard S. Crawford A Most Heinous Man ASIM #33
  393. Sarah Totton The Stone Man ASIM #33
  394. Simon Petrie Six Subliminals ASIM #33
  395. Simon Petrie Dragonblog ASIM #33
  396. Cathy Cupitt The Joy of Close Reading Borderlands #9
  397. Gary Kemble Fortunate Lives Borderlands #9
  398. Hoa Pham Mara Borderlands #9
  399. Madhvi Ramani The Cell Borderlands #9
  400. Robert N. Stephenson It's Sophisticated Borderlands #9
  401. Tiki Swain Birder Borderlands #9
  402. Elizabeth, Sarah Bear, Monette Boojum Fast Ships, Black Sails
  403. Garth Nix Beyond the Sea Gate of the Scholar-Pirates of Sarskoe Fast Ships, Black Sails
  404. Mark Samuels The Cannibal Kings of Horror Glyphotech and other Macabre Processes
  405. Mark Samuels Destination Nihil by Edmund Bertrand Glyphotech and other Macabre Processes
  406. Lee Battersby The Claws of Native Ghosts The Beast Within
  407. Jon Lambshead Diesel in the veins The Specusphere March
  408. Damien Kane Divination of the Dying The Specusphere March
  409. David Such Hell Hath No Fury The Specusphere September
  410. Ashley Hibbert Dolphin Dreaming The Specusphere September
  411. James Hansen The Flying Banana The Specusphere June
  412. Bill Youatt-Pine One Last Time The Specusphere June
  413. Damien Kane All the Stage is a World The Specusphere June
  414. Damien Kane Chopped Up Cut Up The Specusphere July
  415. Bill Youatt-Pine The Licence The Specusphere May
  416. Damien Kane The Institute of Meaning and Purpose The Specusphere May
  417. Scott Westerfeld Ass-Hat Magic Spider The Starry Rift
  418. Ann Halam Cheats The Starry Rift
  419. Neil Gaiman Orange The Starry Rift
  420. Cory Doctorow The Right Book The Bookseller
  421. Stephen Baxter The Seer and the Silverman Galactic Empires
  422. Neal Asher Owner Space Galactic Empires
  423. Robert Reed Character Flu Fantasy and Science Fiction June
  424. Robert Reed Five Thrillers Fantasy and Science Fiction
  425. James Stoddard The First Editions Fantasy and Science Fiction
  426. Jim C. Hines Original Gangster Fantasy
  427. Peter Higgins Gravity Fantasy
  428. Brian Dolton In This City Fantasy
  429. Ari Goelman The Annie Oakley Show Fantasy
  430. Jeannette Westwood The Banyan Tree Fantasy
  431. Nicole Kornher-Stace Yell Alley Fantasy
  432. Erzebet Yellowboy A Spell for Twelve Brothers Fantasy
  433. Lilah Wild Sweetwater Fantasy
  434. Michael Greenhut Watermark Fantasy
  435. Rachel Swirsky Marrying the Sun Fantasy
  436. J.M. McDermott Gods of the Spider Hole Fantasy
  437. Ursula Pflug The Things in the Box Fantasy
  438. A.M. Muffaz A Foreigner's View of the River Fantasy
  439. Becca De La Rosa Nora Fantasy
  440. Cathy Freeze Practicing Perfection Fantasy
  441. E. Catherine Tobler The Lodger at Wintertide Fantasy
  442. Peter M. Ball On the Finding of Photographs of My Former Loves Fantasy
  443. Holly Phillips The Small Door Fantasy
  444. Dean McLaughlin Tenbrook of Mars Analog
  445. Stephanie Campisi Parasols Argot
  446. Ian Nichols Son Et Lumiere ASIM #32
  447. Susan Wardle The Children's Crusade ASIM #32
  448. Ann Leckie The Nalendar ASIM #36
  449. Grant Stone Apart ASIM #36
  450. Janeen Samuel Too Hot ASIM #36
  451. Lisa Mantchev Halfway to Dead ASIM #36
  452. Rachel Swirsky The Amazing Story of Dominic Lazar ASIM #36
  453. Shane Nelson Homemade Autumn ASIM #36
  454. Dirk Flinthart This is Not My Story ASIM #37
  455. Christine Lucas Dominion ASIM #37
  456. Penny-Anne Beaudoin Drowning in the Air ASIM #37
  457. Lee Battersby Amygdala, My Love ASIM #37
  458. Grant Stone Under Waves and Over ASIM #37
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