girlie jones (girliejones) wrote,
girlie jones

Why she's my best friend

Today is a work day with our GSD plan - kathrynlinge is over and we so far are setting up.

Here's a bunch of reasons as to why she's my BFF

- she laughs at my stupid jokes and when I coined this fantastic new phrase this morning that I'm gonna use all the time now (and she probably won't hit me over the head when it gets wayyyyy old)
"I'm gonna ride this horse and hope it doesn't turn out to be a donkey"

- when she got here and we remembered that I don't recall what my wifi password is she just sorted it out and reset all the modems, which involved downloading manuals and whatever and then told me what my new password is (K: Here's the new password, go write it down)

- our conversations are often like this verbatum:
K: I have a laser pointer here in case we get the urge to do a presentation
A: If I ever get married, I want ...
K: I'm on it.
A: Have we had this conversation before?
K: Yeah dude, like 10 years ago
A: Huh

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