girlie jones (girliejones) wrote,
girlie jones

Deep Breathe

Okay .. so ... just to post where I am and why I may not be prompt with the emails over the next few days, this is my schedule:

Now - pushing through a big deadline ... 40 mins, can I get it done?
After Work - run around and get all urgent chores done
7.30pm Dinner with K
9.30pm Sex and the City
11.45pm? Sort out what I need for tomorrow

7.45 am Train to Mandurah
All day field trip
5pm - I hope! Come home
Get cash for weekend
Only spot in weekend to do personal weekend ish things. FIND PAPER 3

8am Jacob's Ladder - Personal Training Session
9.30am Open house for B
11am Hair Dresser
2.30pm 6 weekly meet up with schoolfriends
5.30 pm kicked out, go home and shower!!
Some time in this evening I apparently have a date but that's all the details I have - where? when? what? Apparently not important.

9am Breakfast in Freo with work friends, debrief
10am Thesis session
6pm? Home, try and remember my name. Call K for debrief.
Wash clothes. Remember gym gear for Monday.

so it looks like I still won't have a working fridge. And I have broken my glasses - did I mention that? No idea when I can get that fixed either.
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