girlie jones (girliejones) wrote,
girlie jones

A really good day

Life is funny - great days come in all shapes and sizes.

Today was one.
I finally signed off on something at work that has been a thorn in my side since the second week of this job, some 6 months ago.
I got my work cardigan - and today was very cold.
Pilates was tough but fair.
There was great coffee.
There were laughs and friends and trading of stories.
There was political talk.
There was babalon_93 - she knows why. (Thank you. I will email you).
There was a first phone call. The first sound of a voice I hope to hear many many more times and the arrangement of the first of I hope many dates. To see a foreign film. With subtitles.
There was dinner with a dear, much-loved friend. And Sex and the City. And pink champagne.

And lots of thoughts. Big and small.

Life isn't at all how you think it will be.
But I'm glad it's bigger and better than I imagined.
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