girlie jones (girliejones) wrote,
girlie jones

Tough Face

And following on from that, I spent a day out in the field today being how I like to imagine a scientist would be. So we get to like the first, or possibly second, field site and it requires climbing over a fence. So I rock up to it as everyone else is starting to climb over and I sigh. And one of the guys makes a joke by making a big deal and coming over with his hands clasped together ready to hoist me on a step up over and I'm like this:

I'm tough! I'm tough!

I just gotta put my tough face on.

And everyone laughed and then I had the right face on for the day!

I'm a city gal. So I had brand new shiny steel capped boots to break in today - which are nicely done now. Today I tramped all over the countryside and got wet, and fell over, and got muddy and saw all sorts of things. No snakes though, so yay! Although I just missed it- the others saw one. I haven't noticed any ticks. And not too many mozzie bites.

Again, a pretty good way to spend a day!
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