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Sex and the City

My thoughts behind the cut.

So ... I think firstly this is very much a movie for fans of the show. I'm not sure much of the action would have had as much impact had I not followed these women's lives and ridden their ups and downs with them. So much of what happened in the movie had greater impact *because* we knew the history - of the women and the relationships.

I think I really liked the show finale and I was always a bit wary of what they would do. And ... when you make a movie, you have to play with the happily every after ... and maybe you won't leave all the players where they were when you started.

Basically, what I am saying is that I cried through this movie. I started about halfway in and didn't really stop. Sometimes it was happy and sometimes it was sad.

I was thinking last night that Charlotte really didn't seem to have much of a big role in this movie. She very much seemed to be on the periphery of much of the action. But gosh, when she was in it, she made those moments count - with her practicing for what she was going to say to Big and then getting so upset her waters broke! And when she found out she was pregnant! Soooo moving! And she ended up with her fairytale ending, and she was living the fairytale ending - I'm so happy that she has such a happy life but like her, I was left wondering, do people really get everything that they want? Is that really possible?

I was gutted when Steve admitted he had cheated on Miranda. I felt her betrayal and horror. I just can't believe he did that! And I was so blown away by the comparison of her begging Carrie's forgiveness in the same way Steve had asked for hers - had their betrayal's really been that different? I loved that Brooklyn Bridge scene. And I just keep thinking how horrible it would have been if Miranda had shown up and Steve hadn't. And I'm glad it meant in the end that their marriage was stronger.

As for the other two. I dunno. I think it was a nice ending that Carrie and Big had been so happy since we last left them but I found it hard to buy both of their twists. Firstly that he bailed on her at the last minute. It really felt that the show ended with him committed to her and over his commitment issues. So then for him to ask her to marry him was a big deal. I guess I just wished he hadn't pulled out at the last minute. And then when he did, I was right there with Carrie in that heartbreaking moment - how well I know that "I knew it!" bit!! And I kept thinking, but it was *only* a split second. Why didn't they just get back and do it. But of course, it's all about that split moment of being unsure, isn't it? And that means that I found the ending hard to buy. Why was *then* without the pomp and ceremony any different? It made the first twist hard to buy as anything other than a plot device for another hour of movie.

I loved Louise!! She rocked!!!

The bit I was most disappointed about was the break up of Samantha and Smith. I just wanted that relationship to work. I did.

I liked the bit too when they were all sitting round and wondering how they got to be so far away from who they were. I could really relate.

In all? I loved it!! Cried all the way through! Would probably go see it again!
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