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More on the Aurealis Awards Discussion

Firstly I would like to apologise for any offense that I caused with my last post. It was not my intention to hurt anyone nor to belittle the work that goes into organising the AAs and the work that FQ does. I appreciate and thank those who have contacted me and have continued the discussion, both on this blog and off the blog. I personally believe that it is only through open communication and discussion that we can move forward. And if I am wrong about something, I am more than happy to rectify it.

That said ... a question ... which would you, dear reader, rather choose - a car or an Aussie small press debt?

I went into this with an idea of how much money I was willing to spend in order to play my small role in contribution to the arts. I think, if I were honest, I've already exceeded that amount. Recently I got a pretty decent sum of backpay due to a reclassification in my job role. And I put a portion of that into my shiny new Twelfth Planet Press bank account. The rest I put in my savings towards my house deposit. And when I gave up some of my future security for TPP, I promised myself that that was it. That was all the money I was ever going to loan my company. That was the amount of debt beyond which I am not prepared to go. It's less than pretty much every other Aussie specfic small press debt that I know of (there's a few I don't know, one is not in debt and I suspect maybe another is also not in debt). It would buy you a decent second hand car that's not too old.

When my TPP bank account runs dry, it's game over for TPP. If it's not viable, it's not viable. That's the deal I made with myself going in. That's business.

Shiny runs at about $150 per issue. We haven't recouped the money on any single issue yet and we have already committed to 3 more issues this year. (Never ever ask me about New Ceres - it makes me cry). So to put it into perspective, I reckon it would cost me at least half an issue of Shiny to enter all my year's publications into the AAs. When I say I can't afford to print or photocopy 5 copies or more of all those stories (50 pages or more per issue) and then post packages, it's because the decision I have made is - one more issue of Shiny over entering my stories into an awards process where last year some of the shortlisted YA stories, were not even YA (and Shiny did not make the cut). The decision I guess I am making is, how much further (pubications) I have down the road before I pull the plug. And one more issue of Shiny buys me maybe some more readers who buy back issues and so I may just limp along one more issue further down the road. $80 in printing and posting is not nothing to me.

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