girlie jones (girliejones) wrote,
girlie jones

Put the boy down and back away

Eeek.... Need to go on self imposed boy ban. Bad bad bad bad.

In order to distract myself, I've just noticed that I have 6 days left at work with 4 exceedingly urgent, big tasks that need to be finished before I leave, am getting on an airplane in 9 days and am not sure I have enough clean underwear and certainly no reading plan, and I have a weekly to do list of 68 items with only 3 things checked off it so far.

So. Must refrain from seeing boy. Boy needs to work and I need to sleep. Must also start gently going cold turkey in preparation for 3 weeks of not being able to see him at all. (can. not. stop. talking. to him. seriously. it's becoming a problem)

Must also get all things done before I leave. My life has now separated out into before and after - things that need to be done before I go and stuff that can be put off till after. Probably should actually focus on the stuff that needs to be done before. Like washing underwear.

So ... if I promised you something I told you was on my to do list for this week, feel free to ride me on it.

Otherwise, I have:
- my edits for Shiny Issue 4 to sort out and leave with T
- a bunch of Buffy eps commentary to leave with R
- find my ipod (damnit!)
- work out what reading I am taking (this deserves its own post)
- finish 3 reviews I am writing for ASif!
- publish all submitted reviews for ASif!
- finalise draft content for TPP website
- slush New Ceres and Novella Series Call (this could be a pipe dream)
and a bunch of other stuff to sort out

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