girlie jones (girliejones) wrote,
girlie jones

Let's talk reading

Ugh. So. I am in two minds (or more) about what reading to take with me on holiday. I'm conscious of how awful my eyes feel right now and that this is how it feels when you fly and means you don't much feel like reading at all. (Need to find ipod!) I have 3 flights next Friday - Perth - Dubai, Dubai-Istanbul and then Istanbul-Tel Aviv. I normally fly quite well but when I flew to NYC last October, it was just awful. I don't know why. But it's made me actively dread the upcoming flights since the second I booked them.

So ... I am still thinking I might take my laptop at this point. I might be reading something for someone (totally send it, hon) and then that makes me think - ooh! I could whack a ton of Last Short Story reading on it and get that done too while I'm away. Of course then I realised that laptops only do like 2 hours before they need charging these days and that'll get me where? From Perth to Carnarvon? That's not going to be an airplane solution. Course, it also means it will have to be in my carry on luggage which will also be a drag.

I usually like to pick up the latest Time and Diplomat mags at the airport to take with me. Sometimes I really like a bit of serious reading to get absorbed in. Sometimes not, of course. So then I was thinking ooh!!! I could like, read for fun! What a concept!! And what book(s) would that even be?! *Headspin*. Then I thought ...oooh! I could catch up on my ASif! and LSS backlogs and feel better about things when I get back. *And* I do love specfic, I do. So it's not like it's *totally* work.

I could also take, like, a bunch of work - short stories for various TPP projects - too and that would, like, help me dig myself out of my hole.


I still don't know what to do!

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