girlie jones (girliejones) wrote,
girlie jones

Buswell and his chair, that's all that's gonna be left in the room

So... another one bites the dust eh?

THE strife-ridden West Australian Liberals have plunged further into turmoil with the resignation of former leader Paul Omodei from the party.

Mr Omodei announced his immediate resignation from the party just two days after Troy Buswell survived another party room challenge to his leadership.

Mr Omodei told parliament the last straw was Mr Buswell's handling of a corruption report involving racing and gaming spokesman John McGrath.

Mr Buswell, who took over as leader from Mr Omodei in January, faced a spill motion on Tuesday for not immediately sacking Mr McGrath in light of the Corruption and Crime Commission (CCC) report.

Mr Buswell, who has admitted to once sniffing a female staff member's chair, survived the challenge - his second in six weeks.,23599,23889236-29277,00.html

You know, heh, it's never going to end well when the end of every political article they write includes "Mr Buswell, who has admitted to once sniffing a female staff member's chair", whether it's relevant or not.

It's wrong to laugh. Well, no it's not really. But ... I think we should start taking bets on *how* early this state goes to polls. I reckon it's going to be long before November ... maybe just after they fix the gas crisi and just before petrol hits $2 a litre.
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