girlie jones (girliejones) wrote,
girlie jones


Well... my afternoon was highly productive. I did indeed get fed such that I don't need dinner.

And I have worked it all out ... laptop is coming with me. So I will load it up with music, podcasts and reading and see whatever happens. I guess I'll take a fun book too and then get some mags at the airport. Maybe I'll download some of the Tor ebooks too. Not going to take any craft. Going to take some TPP work and some LSS reading.

I do feel somewhat "bad" that I'm not taking a "holiday" as such, but I couldn't really work out what that would actually mean, reading-wise. I might take one NF book and one non-genre fiction book. Just in case I wanna read non "work" stuff but ultimately I spose that's just a side-effect of having "work" that's part of your fun. Plus, I've lost tonnes of time in the last month and am starting to feel bad about some of the things that are sliding. And maybe with less choice of activities, I'll get a bit ahead of my workload.

So that just leaves me with a short to do list then to get myself sorted which is definitely making me feel better. Currently am updating my podcasts. Phew! Am glad that's sorted now!

Now I just have to get my work done in the final 3 workdays I have left!
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