girlie jones (girliejones) wrote,
girlie jones


Something just happened and I got sucked into some highly productive work void. Maybe it was the Nexus?

I just watched 2 episodes of Buffy and wrote commentary for 3 eps, parcelled up a bunch (about 15) ASIf! review copies, sorted out a few 2012 orders, downloaded so many podcasts to my laptop that I had to stop cause 8GB don't fit onto a 4 GB Nanopod, downloaded a tonne of anthos and novels onto this laptop to take with me, catalogued the hard copy short stories I am taking with me, sorted out my coffee table paper mess, sorted out my dining room table paper mess, did my laundry, worked out a tonne of paperwork and sorted out some slush.

And like, my house is oddly tidy with clear tabletops, my inbox is 23 (I don't think it's been that low since a day after I opened the account) and I feel kind of on top of things.


It occurs to me that most of the time I never get that feeling of accomplishment because I never have less work on the next day. That's surely not sustainable.

ETA Oh yeah - I tried this crazy thing at dinner today where I doubled up the proteins. And I started my day with two hairy lemons. Huh. Vitamins and protein. What a revelation! *grins*
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