girlie jones (girliejones) wrote,
girlie jones

Wooooooooooot Holidays!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ahhh ... you know you are officially on holidays when you eat 3 Tim Tams for breakfast and you don't feel guilty!

I've got till 10 and then I have to get on with packing and such - gotta buy random stuff and dry clothes and care about what underwear I pack and stuff. But for the next 40 mins ...... I AM on HOLIDAYS!!!

And then ... in 18 hours, I am heading off to the airport to embark! Yeah, I'm excited now.

Have checked out the Starbucks store locator - thanks to the boy who wandered past my Starbucks mug cabinet, reminding me that I collect em! So ... yep - should be looking for one from Dubai, one from Tel Aviv and one from Istanbul. However, methinks this trip will be one where Starbucks does not offer the best coffee available in town. Mmmmm. Coffee.

So, had a lovely date last night. He met my Mum and sister who were just leaving when he came round ... that was ... interesting. I mean, we've only known each other just over 2 weeks and it's all still rather undefined. So ... yeah ... interesting, was how it went. Then we went out for a lovely meal at a restaurant my sister recommended. Hmm ... should ask her for recs more often. I thoroughly embarrassed myself by somehow clattering my plate across the table. And when the boy started riffing off that, I was just taking a sip of my wine (maybe *that* was the bad idea?) and almost choked or spat across the table. Man! So mortified to be so undignified! Although it *was* pretty funny.

Then we went and saw Macbeth. I haven't read the play in a while so it was cool for the refresher and I do like the theatre it was in. (angriest were you objecting to the line "Play on Macduff" the other day? Cause it was totally in the play). There were some good moments and Macbeth did deliver a couple of bits really quite emotively. I really enjoyed the fact that there were I think only 4 actors playing the whole play (I exaggerate just a little) and you really had to follow the whole thing to know who was yelling or bitching about whom. I also liked the genderfucking around with Shakespeare with some women playing men's parts. I could be wrong, but I *think* there was some kind of innuendo that was a bit inappropriate but ... nah ... I'm gonna just not think about that.

So ... was lovely. And now I am off on my big jaunt. Off to see the world and all that.

Miss me and do lots of interesting things whilst I'm away and then email me about it!

(I'm sure this won't be my last post for the day)
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