girlie jones (girliejones) wrote,
girlie jones

Probably gonna be chatty today

Has anyone travelled Emirates and noticed if you can charge your laptop in flight?

Been checking out the features cause I am worried about being bored:
Complimentary beverages and superb multi-course meals are provided, as well as personal seatback monitors to enjoy our outstanding inflight entertainment, whether it’s over 600 channels of on-demand programming on ice or the superb selection of film, TV and audio on tv&radio.

*600* channels!

ahhh ... found it!
An in-seat power supply and a USB connection allow passengers to view videos and pictures from their laptops or portable devices.

That on every flight? If so ... will go download more stuff to my laptop!

(You know, this so often happens to me in life, I'll be dead set against something and then I'll discover it's the best thing ever - like visiting Germany. I didn't want to fly Emirates at all. I'm gonna love it now, aren't I?)

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