girlie jones (girliejones) wrote,
girlie jones

Tel Aviv Day 2

This was the view from my room this morning:

Course that was back when I had a double. Now I have moved to my single room and discovered that's actually code for "cupboard". AHh well, it's cheaper and that's something.

Today we didn't really do all that much. I'm kinda pushing to see something tomorrow in the morning before the wedding gobbles up the day. We went shopping and cafe crawling today. We saw the Shuk (big markets) and we drank a looooot of coffee at a bunch of places. We found ourselves briefly in a mall where I noticed that not only do they check bags on the way in and wave a wand over you, but to park in the underground carpark, you first have to get your car inspected. What else? We wandered down Allenby Street and then Dizengoff. P (my uncles's friend) bought a bunch of stuff and I mostly browsed.

I didn't really come here for shopping but I do have to buy one particular, kind of special thing. My grandmother left me a modest sum of money in her will to buy something for me from her (all the grandkids got the sum). And ... when I was 12, she gave me a Magen David (Star of David) as my Bat Mitzvah present, on a chain. And I loved it, because she gave it to me. And I wore it all the time. But I also fiddled with it and eventually broke the chain and lost the Magen. And I have felt bad about it ever since. Especially since I think everyone else also got one on their Bat Mitzvot and I lost mine. So ... I had been thinking that I would use the money to buy myself a Magen David. And so I have been browsing around to see what I want. Cept ... nothing really has taken my fancy - too Jewish, not Jewish enough, to geometric, not geometric enough. Just - didn't really know what I wanted. And then this afternoon I kinda might have found one - in white gold, thick arms to the star, and with diamonds on it - but when I say diamonds, like maybe 3 or 5 diamonds of surely not more than 7 pts (so, like, flecks). I dunno. It's a good price. And it *is* pretty. But .. is it too glitsy? Will I like in 23 years time? Will I wear it? P is getting something reset from that jeweller and I'm gonna think about it. I haven't remotely seen anything else I like. I dunno... it just feels like so much pressure to buy the right thing.

And basically, that was my day. Relaxing. My feet have blisters. Meh.

Tomorrow evening is the wedding. And then Tues and Weds or maybe Weds and Thurs we are going to Jerusalem, which I am looking forward to. Family tomorrow though, which will be nice.

And to finish? A sign that amused me whilst I stared at it during dinner, on Dizengoff Street:

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