girlie jones (girliejones) wrote,
girlie jones

Israeli Breakfast

I've been being confronted so far by how English, or perhaps colonial, I am (bear in mind my mother did actually grow up in the colonies and it's likely I'm more colonial than most). What I really want first thing in the morning, is a really good cup of coffee and like, a croissant or a bagel. Maybe some toast, but that's really pushing it. I like me my Continental Breakfasts. S'all I'm saying. But baby? You ain't on the continent right now.

So .. breakfast at the hotel looks like this:


Anyway this is Botz coffee - its kind of a cross between instant coffee and grounds, well, it's both really and you leave the scungy "botz" layer at the bottom of the cup.

I'll leave the other post till later too.
Tags: israel, travelling
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