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So much to write

I have so much to write and say and every time I sit down, it's the end of the day and I get too tired to write big thoughts.

I have some more photos of Jerusalem from the other day - and tomorrow P and I are off to J-town (as we call it) again. This time to get the "Christian things" (as I call it) done and also to do some more chachka shopping. We are hoping to get into the Dome of the Rock also. (Here's the closest I have been to it so far)


I think one of the things that strikes me most about Israel is the constant contradictions - it's something I noticed when I lived here and I love it. I think to live here you must understand and appreciate them and to understand the politics and the society here you must understand and appreciate them (or go mad - your choice). So here is an example of what I mean. I love the comingling of the old and the new. Some of the places are so old you can't even get your head around it and then on top of the stone will be a McDonalds sign or something.

Here is P and D shopping down one of the streets off the Western Wall plaza:

Here is me taking a picture of the rest of Jerusalem through one of the turrets in the wall (of Jerusalem):

That kinda blows my mind, me standing there with my digital camera taking a snap of a 2000 year old city where maybe a guard stood watch some time in the crusades.

Or this, which is maybe my favourite so far:

Some boys playing soccer. And if you look very closely, instead of playing "shirts and skins" they are playing "shirts and tzitzit" - a tzitzit is a prayer vest type thing that religious men wear all the time under their shirts.

Here is the final J-town shot for today - the Damascus Gate:
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