girlie jones (girliejones) wrote,
girlie jones

Yom Shabbat

So today is Yom Shabbat/Saturday (the Sabbath) and that means everything is pretty much closed and there is not much to do. We decided to sleep in and meet for breakfast at 9.30 am. This meant that there was a lovely space in my day for a phonecall from the boy who called me at 6.30am. What a great way to start the day - especially on the 1.6c or whatever a minute (let's not discuss the mobile calls fiasco shall we?) on the hotel line. We talked for nearly 2.5 hours and he even read me bits of the newspaper. *sigh*

Today we are really not doing much. We are sitting at a cafe along the beach watching Beefcake and Pupcake apparently (I am mostly on the computer) and drinking coffee (I am drinking grapefruit juice - J, I promise!). But I only have 54min left on the battery power though. Supposed to be doing edits or something of productivity and not mooching!

Soon we are going to walk up to Dizengoff St cause they like the view better from that spot. Me, I don't much care. Gonna read and whatever.

Have photos etc to update y'all on our trip to Haifa yesterday. Will get to that later tonight probably.
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