girlie jones (girliejones) wrote,
girlie jones

Blog interlude

As I wait for the photos from today's travels to upload ... some not siteseeing thoughts.

Our friends have arrived and joined us in this hotel. We will soon be a caravan, alas I leave next Monday so it will only be a brief one. It's good to see them though.

I am completely enthralled with "First Among Sequels" - so much so in fact that I am astonished that I can not recall the last book I had my nose in at any opportunity. Has it really been this long since I read for fun, or even *found* something this fun to read? That seems awfully tragic and needs to be rectified on a more longterm basis. I forgot that I LOVE READING! How did that *happen*.

Which of course means that I haven't done "work" since leaving Tel Aviv. I must be on holiday and relaxing or something! Who'd have thought it possible? I did have that dream I sometimes have last night where I am in an elevator and it starts to rise so fast that your feet leave the floor. My sister was with me in it and she was very green about the gills when we reached the rooftop at the end. I was invigorated though. I'm sure that means something.
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