girlie jones (girliejones) wrote,
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It's the small moments I think

So my car battery died today. Actually it was good that it happened today because it was a day off and relatively easy and simple to fix and I wasn't out at Sea Rescue at the end of a shift in the dark or something. My Mum was already getting a car serviced so we already had to go to pick that up - my sister's FIL is our mechanic so he happily drove me back to my Nana's to jumpstart it, then followed me back to his workshop where he and his other son fixed it all up. Took maybe an hour and it's sorted. "That's what it means to be part of a big family" he told me. And it is, and it's a pretty darn good feeling.

It was only after we were back at the workshop that I mentioned on the way to picking up the car, we had driven past the ex. They muttered a few things that were ... nice in my direction :-) But the funny thing was ... we were at a stop sign and the ex was at the opposite one and it took me most of that time we were stopped to figure out who it was - the face registered as "familiar" only and I was racking my brain to think who it was. And then at the moment just after I realised, I saw that he had twigged it was me and I looked away. I didn't need to acknowledge and I didn't need for him to acknowledge me. I realised that I don't to be friends with him. I don't like him and I don't like *who he is* as a person. I don't allow people like that to bring down the high standard that is my group of friends. And I just don't care. It is totally over for me and I felt absolutely nothing. And it felt GREAT. Downside is that there was someone else in the car but I spent the whole time trying to figure out who he is (I should say he got a new car after he broke up with me so it doesn't trigger for me) and so, if it was the new "Lady" I didn't check her out. Nothing to report about that.

So that's that. :-)

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