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Twelfth Planet Press Announces Novella Series Debut

Twelfth Planet Press is delighted to announce the forthcoming publication of Rising Angel by Dirk Flinthart. This novella will kickoff our novella series as well as offer a foretaste of our upcoming New Ceres Anthology.

George Gordon, mad, bad and dangerous to know, is back and hot on the trail of a Fallen Angel in the Sunset Isles of New Ceres. Teeming with samurai and ninjas, Flinthart plays up against the New Ceres backdrop for another rollicking adventure.

Rising Angel will be launched at 5.15pm on 18th of October 2008, at Wastelands II: Age of Iron.

We expect to publish one to two novellas a year in this ongoing series. More information will soon be available on the upcoming new Twelfth Planet Press website.
Tags: angel rising, novella series
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