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I'm pretty grumpy and miserable today and should probably stay away from the internets. I'm only going to tell you that I have a headache, I'm tired from not enough sleep, I'm cold cause the Govt turned down the heaters in all their Dept buildings cause of the gas crisis but I can't work when I am cold, it's going to rain, I've run out of coffee at work, I didn't bring in any lunch and I don't like the can of soup in my drawer for emergencies, they didn't have my favourite flavour muffin at the coffee shop and I have to go back to the gym this afternoon and it's going to hurt. A lot.

See? I told you I was grumpy.

On the other hand ... I am going to see Dark Knight tonight with a work mate and her fiance and we will grab sushi on the way through after the gym.

And the boy asks me last night if I had brought my laptop over cause he will give me the password to his wireless. Hello!!! Now we're talking! And I had to smile when he replied, "Yes, I thought you'd like that."

Which reminds me of R&L who came round on the weekend and were telling me they had just bought a lot of coffee and I asked them how long they thought it would last and R says, "Well, I dunno. Now that you have your own broadband, foxtel and boy, it'll probably last us a year."
I'm not that much of an internet junkie am I? Okay, well maybe I am. Still, coffee does always taste better when someone else makes it for you.
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