girlie jones (girliejones) wrote,
girlie jones

A Poll

Okay so ... since it's gonna be *that* kind of day.

Yesterday a reasonable sized box ... maybe twice the size of a shoebox ... appeared in the tea room with a "Help Yourself to Free Hot Chocolate" sign above it. Peering into the box, we found probably hundreds of long thin sachets of Double Dark Hot Chocolate and Hot Chocolate with a Hint of Caramel.

Noone knows where they came from. Noone knows why they are there. The X Genners in the room (me) check out the Use By date - Best Before April 2007. Poison? A bid to control certain, somewhat contentious aspects of Govt decision making authorities? A slow revenge attack best served in hot chocolate??

It's a mystery.

What would you do? Drink the Free Hot Chocolate?

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