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All things Audio

catrambo just posted her notes from Readercon on the Podcast panel (here) which gives lots of answers to the question: what podcasts should I be listening to?

It reminds me of my latest foray into all things audio. Remember my "I've lost my ipod what should I do?" posts from before I went away? I ended up buying a knockoff mp3 player for around $100. The boy took one look at it and said "man this is crap" and pointed out it had a terrible navigation interface and suggested that being so light, it might not have sufficient playing time. I was all stubborn and refused to agree. Plus, I'm kinda decisive and if I've gone with a choice, then I've already moved onto the next thing to sort out. I manically spent the last night before we left, updating my itunes with podcasts (270) and ripping some of my favourite CDs onto the laptop. I tried to then upload this stuff to the player but found .. um .. the navigation interface to be too difficult to .. well, navigate. I figured that I had three weeks to figure it out since I was taking my laptop with me anyway.

And so ... what did I do? Turns our Emirates has a pretty decent stash of albums on its inflight entertainment - including a bunch of stuff I had ripped onto the laptop - so I listened to that. And then the rest of the time I just listened to stuff off the laptop when relaxing in my room.

So the mp3 player was a piece of crap after all.

Except for one thing. It also has recording capabilities. It turns out, that part of it is pretty user friendly and the sound quality is not too bad. Prepare to be randomly interviewed at anything and everything at a conspace near you soon!

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