girlie jones (girliejones) wrote,
girlie jones

Knitting Post

(I'm a bit chatty today)

So I'm kinda very broke after my trip. I didn't at all adhere to budget and shall be living off instant noodles for a while in order to compensate.

Thus, I am devasted to come home and find out that my favourite yarn company in the whole wide world, and several other local planets, has upgraded the website and offers yet *more* stunning colourways *as well as more* yarn varieties. Blue Moon Fiber Arts make Socks that Rock yarn which is my most favourite to knit socks with and actually, when I think about it, I gift way more socks from their yarn than I ever get round to making for myself. The quality is extremely high and the yarn is beautiful to work with and quick to knit up.

And now far more lovely prettiness on site upgrade: here. Sigh.
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