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Last post before bed

The boy thinks I should just act like nothing happened wrt "hot guy". And really, I need to drop that nickname anyway - he's not that hot. He was just tall. And towards the end of the time I saw him at meetings, he didn't shave, he wore thongs and ripped flannel shorts and he was kinda putting on weight. He was more like ... rebound crush guy. And when you're rebounding ... *anything* looks hot to you. I think acting like nothing happened is the best course of action. And also maybe, responding to every single remark with ... "well my boyfriend thinks/does/has ... that'll get the message across. *smirk* (I'm not really going to do that.)

But it reminds of this time in high school - I think it was year 11 - for our school dance. I *finally* got up the courage to call this guy who I had been crushing on for *years* and ask him to the dance. So I call him up, and I ask him if he'll go with me as my date, and he tells me that actually there is this other girl he'd much prefer to go with and he wanted to ask her first, *but*, if she said no, then he would totally go with me. He knew that I liked him. He was a total nerd. In Uni (cause he did the same discipline as me but was a year ahead), my friends called him "Trackydack Guy". In Uni, I was cool and he was not - I was in the 15% gender minority. And ... well .. guess he never read his fairytales!!!

Anyway ... so there I was absolutely heartbroken cause who wants to hear that you're second best? And my mother tells me I should ask someone else to go right away and forget about nerdo (trackydack guy as he would become). And so, I did call someone else, that very night, and asked him to go with me. And he said he totally would and he was a very lovely and fun date, in the end. But I remember at lunch the very next day after all of this, one of my friends mentions who I am going to the dance with, in front of my crush, and the look on his face was priceless. I hope I gave him my eyebrow raise in gesture to mean ... as if I would wait to see when she tells you no. I can't even remember what she said in the end. Anyway ... as all stories go ... she was a total skank in the end. Went out with this other guy in my grade, was totally out of nerdo's lead anyway.

Ahh good times, eh?
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